How Crypto Volatility Is Affecting News Sites

Change is the only constant factor, this is proven in every field of human endeavor. Nothing is static, plants do grow, human behavior changes with time, business activities are constantly affected by market forces. Cryptocurrency is a virtual coin that exists electronically also known as digital currency. On like with fiat, you don’t have to carry it in your purse or bag, it is even impossible to have it in your bank account. Cryptos are stored on digital wallets in different exchange platforms. It is a normal trend for stocks and securities to experience change in their values as market forces fluctuate.

Some changes are rapid while others

Some changes are rapid while others are gradual, it all depends on the demand and supply factors that may affect business activities. Trading on coins is a little complicated and some times annoying, this may happen when price volatility affects your transaction. Imagine if you needed to send $100 worth of Bitcoin to a friend and you were required to pay over $7 charges it sounds crazy but, that’s what happens some times. The fact that you can’t be certain of what fee to pay at every transaction is a major challenge with virtual currencies.

How Crypto Volatility Is Affecting News Sites

This problem is not affecting traders and investors, news analysts are also facing the same issue. For instance, Ruben operates a cryptocurrency blog that focuses on informing readers of prices. His followers rely on the information provided to either trade on Forex. As prices fluctuate, signals directions are being affected. Ruben makes money online when readers get some useful guide on his blog to allow them to make informed decisions. The blogger will have to update regularly to ensure his subscribers are provided with current updates on different stocks including assets like Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the price of coins are experiencing constant volatility almost daily.

It is becoming pretty difficult for stock traders and investors to predict the market, on like before, it will take a couple of weeks perhaps months to experience a considerable change in prices. This made it easy for people to make an accurate forecast on different stocks, the situation is a little different following the current trend of business activities. Some even have difficulties to figure out exactly what may trigger changes in the prices of coins. Between January and October 2020, Bitcoin has witnessed several fluctuations ranging from $6500 to $13800. The figures are quite unprecedented looking at the percentage of those who predicted otherwise. October 2020 has seen the highest peak in Bitcoin rise for the year 2020, this was contrary to what most investors had predicted.

News sites are constantly struggling to catch up with these fluctuations, the rate at which some volatility occurs makes it difficult even for advanced software to predict. The situation is getting worrisome especially as people are getting uncertain about the future of cryptocurrency. Holders of coins are stuck with funds in their wallets because of exorbitant fees which make it impossible to send funds. Those who invested millions in Forex are probably having a hard time with uncertainties. News writers are left with no choice but, to update as often as they can to enable them keep readers informed with current news.