Top 4 Cryptocurrency Sites

Cryptocurrency has continued to expand with over 100 million users worldwide according to In a similar survey, there are billions of Cryptocurrency transactions that are conducted every hour. Although there are tens of Cryptocurrency coins, Bitcoin has emerged to be a fans’ favorite. It’s important to realize that there are hundreds of platforms that will enable you to carry out Bitcoin trading. Since everything about Bitcoins is computer-generated, it’s important to choose a more credible website to avoid being scammed. With the price of one Bitcoin approaching a $60000-mark, Crypto trading is the most lucrative business opportunities.

Sure, Bitcoin is a broad concept,

Sure, Bitcoin is a broad concept, and it may not be enough to tackle it in days or even months. Having said that, let’s walk you through the top websites to trade websites for Bitcoin trading. This is important because it will enable to buy and sell Bitcoins without falling a victim of unscrupulous middlemen. Although Bitcoin transactions are managed by Blockchain or digital ledger as popularly known, nothing is impossible with computers. The volatility of Bitcoin trade is another reason traders should be more careful when choosing Bitcoin websites. While it may be true that traders are free to choose any platform of their choice, these are the top Cryptocurrency platforms worldwide. Top on the list is Coinbase platform that allows users to invest directly if they have US Dollars.

On top of Bitcoins, Coinbase allows

On top of Bitcoins, Coinbase allows traders to invest in over 30 coins, including Ethereum, Litecoin plus many others. The most important thing about Coinbase is that you’ll get $5 into your account when you register with them. The security on this site is incredible, and any transaction will be required to be confirmed by several blockchain networks before being deposited into your wallet. Consequently, the transaction costs are not high, and transferring Bitcoins from one Coinbase wallet to another is free. The only challenge is the incoming transaction fee which can be higher due to network congestion. Apart from Coinbase, Gemini is the second site that users can invest their Bitcoins.

Top 4 Cryptocurrency Sites

Unlike the first platform, Gemini puts more focus on transparent and security of your wallet. This means that anybody who is thinking of investing with Gemini should not worry about the security of their Bitcoins. The imminent challenge that is affecting many Crypto traders are some charges that are hidden, something that is not common with Gemini. Most importantly, when you deposit $100 in your wallet, you can receive $10 bonus.

Another site that a trader can invest is BlckFi that allows users to lend, and learn interest in return. Just like other websites, BlockFi has stronger security checks to protect your Bitcoins from scammers. If you can deposit $25 on the platforms, and be active on the platform for a given period, you’ll qualify for $250 bonus. What is more, Gemini is a perfect site for a trader who doesn’t want to trade directly. They will just leave their Bitcoins in their wallets to earn interests, and it is the best move considering that the price of Bitcoin is appreciating constantly.

The list cannot end without mentioning Kraken which is among the original Bitcoin websites. Joining the Kraken website will give you an opportunity of accessing a wider range of Cryptocurrency coins besides Bitcoin. If you want to trade in Doge, then subscribing to Kraken is not a choice. Sadly, the site is renowned for using discriminatory tactics, especially in the numbers of coins that it supports since not all traders have access to the same digital coins. Equally, eToro which has been in the sector for couples of years is the best platform for someone who wants to take part in algorithmic as well as Bitcoin trading. Currently, if you open an eToro account, and trade with over $1000, you qualify for $50 bonus.

Above all, there are about 21 million Bitcoins in circulation around the continent. The richest person in terms of Bitcoins owns about one million Bitcoins according to Business Insider. Today, you can use Bitcoin to play online gaming, including Poker, Fantasy Sports together with others. In Japan, you can use Bitcoins to pay for essential services such as hospital bills. All these show that Bitcoin is the future of business with people seeing it as an alternative investment.