Can you still make money buying bitcoin

can you still make money buying bitcoin

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Why You SHOULD BUY 0.002 Bitcoin TODAY! (FEW People Will Ever Make It This Far!)
The most common way to make money off of crypto-currencies is by trading them on an exchange. When the price of a crypto-currency rises, traders. If you want an easy way to earn Bitcoin, you can buy and hold Bitcoin, participate in cloud Bitcoin mining, or earn free BTC from crypto faucets. Yes, you can absolutely become rich from bitcoin. Buy/accept as much as you can and hodl for 10 years. It's that simple.
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However, people usually earn only a fraction of Bitcoin through faucets. The Bank of England has been exploring the possibility of its own central bank-backed digital currencies. Now, this method is perfect for you if you have social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or others and, of course, if you already have an established audience there. While we may highlight certain positives of a financial product or asset class, there is no guarantee that readers will benefit from the product or investment approach and may, in fact, make a loss if they acquire the product or adopt the approach. In May , three state-backed organisations announced there would be no protection for consumers if they lost any money from crypto trading.